Lilith Awake.

In silencing Eve they awoke Lilith.

As I understand it in the Jewish tale Lilith and Adam were created together. When Adam tried to make Lilith submit to him she said she didn’t have to because they were made of the same stuff. While Adam insisted Lilith grew angry and left to howl her rage in the wilderness.

The Republican Senate just tried to silence Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford, and every other woman who told her truth to power. Now we are howl our rage. We will not give birth to demons to blast the world of men. No, we will rise, howl our pain and anger at the unenlightened old men who have once again tried to silence us. We will not be silenced. We will use our voices and our vote to change the status quo. Those old white men may think they have won the battle. But the war goes on. They will soon learn the power of woman rising together. That is what they are afraid of when they silence us. I could almost pity them, but I am too angry, too frustrated at feeling powerless, at not having my voice heard by the people who say they represent me but do not.

We are at a crossroads my sisters and brothers. 

Wake up! Stand up! March in the streets. Register to vote and help others do the same. In November we WILL NOT BE SILENT. You have awoken Lilith at your peril.

What would Lilith do?

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